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Abra Suite Disability and Unemployment Reporting Fixes

In 2012, Pennsylvania fully implemented their local tax reporting requirement called 'Act 32' which resulted in a large number of local municipalities being added to Abra's tax tables. Two of them, PADS (Uwchlan Twp) and PADI (Kennett Square) improperly appear on the "Unemployment/Disability Wages" report.

As best as we can tell, the report is based on the names of the tax codes, not any flag or data value relating to them. Thus, these two codes appear because they have 'DS' and 'DI' as part of their names (which are both common abbreviations for 'Disability'). The report is under the menu Report -> Payroll -> Standard Payroll Reports:

Select this report and then click on the 'Standard Criteria' tab. Here is where you can define additional restrictions to control what appears on the report. In this case, you want to prevent the two codes from appearing on the report. Click on the dropdown under 'Custom Criteria' and select 'Visual FoxPro Expression Builder.' The 'Expression Builder' will appear:

Type in the expression shown: INLIST(txc.TAXCODE, "PHDS", "PHDI") = .F. and click 'Verify' and 'OK.' Now when you go to run the report, it will exclude these codes. For the example I have chosen a specific company code, but you should use your own as needed.



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