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supplemental systems

These systems provide additional data capture and manipulation capabilities for a client's existing systems.  They may translate data from one format to another, move data into storage, track new information, etc.  Some samples are below:

  • Trust Accounting - Integrates with Trial de Novo, a product for managing case and client information for lawyers.  The Trust Accounting system captures data from checks received for workers' compensation settlements or judgments and allocates the amounts among partners and outsiders according to varying percentage splits

  • AbraAlt - Works with Abra Suite to provide a separate way to access data stored within the system; allows viewing selected, multiple employees for custom table data and other system files

  • Salary Budgeting - Works in conjunction with Abra Suite to provide the ability to record and report against budgeted salary information for various organizational levels

  • IRS 8300 Payment Tracking - Custom module and screen that integrates with SBT Accounting to allow finer granularity in tracking cash payments received.



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