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Most firms will charge you for the time it takes them to get to your office. Are they singing to the radio or working on your project? Traffic
If you're paying someone for eight hours of time, shouldn't you get your money's worth? Are you paying someone to sit in here? Bathroom
We've been on the other side and seen consultants playing games when deadlines loomed over our heads. Are 
 your computers are for their amusement? Playing
Big consulting firms love it when they can stuff a conference room full of senior staff, partners and managers.  Add remote participation to a meeting and fees can go through the roof! Is someone else getting rich on your profits? Profits
You probably don't expect your consultant to know all the intricacies and nuances of your business.  But you shouldn't have to help them figure out how to do their job. Do you know more than your consultants? Teach
Some documentation is essential to a project.  However, many firms spend an inordinate amount of time getting things etched in stone (perhaps so they can bill you more?). Do your consultantants confuse quantity over quality? Quantity


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